What in the world?

So about an hour ago I plugged in my iPhone to my computer to charge and update it to iOS 4.3.3, which is supposed to resolve the big issue about location tracking. After downloading the update and attempting to install it, there was an error 1161. So I tried restarting my computer, by the iPhone screen continued to show the same thing:

Connect to iTunes screen

The iScreen of Death?

A while later iTunes booted up by itself and I was prompted to restore my iPhone to its factory settings. At the moment my iPhone is plugged into my computer, re-installing the hundreds of apps I’ve installed over the past year or so. Luckily iTunes automatically creates a backup point just before updating the firmware; my last backup was about a week ago. Somehow I get this feeling the error will occur again if I try to update it…

Edit// Ok, an hour plus later the restore is finally finished and it seems like the firmware update did carry through after all. But still, I haven’t heard of others having to restore their device to update to 4.3.3. On the plus side, my 3GS seems to be running more smoothly… at least for now.

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