Brink Launch Trailer (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Just saw this and I had to make a post of it.

Brink Launch Trailer is a Blast to the Senses – Xbox 360 News at

Featuring more than 100 quadrillion character combinations, a whole host of weapon customisation options and a campaign that enables you to assume control of either the Resistance in a bid to escape the Ark or the Security in a bid to save the Ark, Brink is a curious beast, and you can take one last look at the game in action before getting the chance to see what all the fuss is about this week.

100 quadrillion combinations! I’m a sucker for character customization (and weapons too), so I’ll probably end up spending more than an hour on that. And it’s going to be out after my exams (right on the day of my last paper).

2 more days and 1 more paper to freedom. Whee.

(2011.05.10) Update: I’ve ordered the game and I’ll be getting it tomorrow, just in time after my last paper. Whee x2.

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