Coin Drop! Impressions (iOS – iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Coin Drop is a casual game for the iOS platform which has you dropping coins into the stage to “capture bad pennies”, or basically hitting a set of 4 blue coins. It plays very much like Japanese pachinko machines or Peggle. The game is divided across 4 worlds spanning 15 stages each, and each world has its own unique theme. This is in terms of both graphical style and gameplay elements, as each world has various pinball-like bumpers — rolling logs and tree branches which bounce your coins in the jungle levels; magnets and deadly lasers in the mechanical world. The game will awe you with its psychedelic colors and great effects, and the gameplay doesn’t let down either. To spice things up, you can collect different coins for use in-game, such as sushi, dogs and… monocles. I had a blast playing this game, and it’s by no means expensive, priced at $0.99. Go get it! To find out more about the game, you can check my full review at touchAholics here.


Even the menus are colorful.


Points, points, points.


Rainbows all round.


Monocles! Though there's only one, but still...

Game info:

Developer/Publisher: Full Fat
Release date: 19 April 2011 (iOS, universal)
Related links: Apple App Store link

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