Tower Defense: Lost Earth Impressions (iOS – iPhone, iPod, iPad)

I was fortunate to be accepted into a preview of Tower Defense: Lost Earth, a TD game by Com2uS. If you don’t know what TD is, it’s a type of game where you build towers along the path of approaching enemies to attack them and prevent them from reaching your HQ. Whether or not you’ve played TD games before, Lost Earth is definitely a game worth checking out.

First off, the menus give off a great sci-fi feel, which carries on into the rest of the game. Especially so for the mission select interface, which is very well done. The actual levels are equally well-designed. Backgrounds are nice, enemy and tower designs are superb too. A nice touch is that the towers’ appearance changes when upgraded, both the tower itself and its attacks. With tons of enemies on-screen and special effects, the game doesn’t lag either.


Superb presentation.

There are several useful features such as the ability to pause and build/upgrade towers, 2x fast forward and calling in of up to 3 waves, and the enemies’ path is also laid out clearly. At the end of each level you are awarded with a score and medals for achieving different objectives, such as not losing a life, using the super weapon etc. Along with the 3 difficulty levels, they add a ton to the replay value.


You can zoom in/out.

There are various game modes in the campaign, from the standard “defense” to “survive”, “gather” and “attack”. Although the core gameplay is the same, it does add to the variety of the game. For example, in “gather”, you have to balance between building/upgrading towers and stockpiling resources as you have to reach a certain amount to complete the level. There is also a challenge mode which is made up of new maps. Some of them have an open design so you will have to build mazes using your towers, instead of just building them along the linear pathway in the campaign levels, and again adds to the variety.


Stay Alive.

The preview is ending, well, tomorrow, so hopefully the game will be out on the App Store soon.

A gameplay video of the Mini-Boss Challenge map:

Not exactly the best showcase of the challenge mode (or the gameplay for the matter), but I posted this in the preview forums, so I thought I would just post it here. If there’s actually anyone who might be interested I’ll take a video showing more “actual” gameplay.

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