Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer

Modern Warfare 3 is back for more AC-130 action and more on 8 November 2011. And check out the previous teasers if you haven’t already: America, England, France, Germany

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2 Responses to Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer

  1. I like this trailer, seems the game is taking an ever bigger leap in action than MW2 did. I know the complaints have been these games are getting stale, but I’ve still enjoyed the single player and got quite a bit of hours out of the multiplayer, although I never get heavily invested like millions of others do.

    I hope after this entry they take a step back and maybe take a different approach to COD. I’m looking forward to this one but Battlefield has me way more intrigued.

    • phazer says:

      Cool, I enjoyed both games myself and I thought there was an improvement in MW2 as well. Spent quite some time on MW2 multiplayer during my break last year, though not enough to reach Prestige level.

      Yeah it does seem like this will be the last MW, although probably not if Activision has their way… maybe they’ll continue making games like Black Ops or even a full-fledged zombie game. Looking forward to BF3 too.

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