E3 2011 – Pre-E3 Roundup

With all the pre-E3 news I figured I would make a new post for it too. Some aren’t related to E3 per se, but I’ll include them in the post also. As with the other roundups, I’ll update the post whenever there are any new… news.

Tomb Raider E3 2011 Cinematic Trailer (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

No in-game footage but Square Enix-quality CG? Checked and double-checked. As I mentioned previously, I haven’t played any Tomb Raider games but I’ll be keeping an eye on this.

Metal Gear Solid, Zone of the Enders HD remakes coming to PS3, 360 (PS3, Xbox 360)

Well… like Tomb Raider, I haven’t played either series, so I’ll be looking forward to this too. The Metal Gear Solid collection will include Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, which was released on the PSP. Both the first and second release of Zone of the Enders (I’m guessing the GBA version doesn’t count) will be included in its collection. Apparently they’re being “optimized and rebuilt” for their HD release, with re-drawn artwork and such. If you already have Peace Walker for the PSP, you’ll be able to transfer the save file between your PSP and PS3 as well, like the PSP Remaster initiative.

Dead Island Special Edition unveiled (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Besides the whole zombie appeal, this game looks pretty interesting. Pre-ordering at GameStop nets you the Bloodbath Arena DLC, which pits you against waves of zombies with increasing difficulty. The Special Edition will have a different box art and a “blueprint” (I presume that means it won’t be unlocked for use from the get-go) for an in-game weapon. And nothing, that’s it. So it’s basically a “pre-order” version, not a limited edition.

PSN Welcome Back free content now available

PSN was up some time ago, but the free games weren’t available until now. I doubt I would go download the free PSP games since I probably won’t play them anyway, but yeah. If you’re in North America, you can download 2 of either: Dead Nation, Infamous, Little Big Planet, Super Stardust HD or Wipeout HD + Fury for the PS3. PSP owners can download 2 of either: Little Big Planet, ModNation Racers, Pursuit Force or Killzone Liberation. Japanese/Asian gamers won’t get the same awesome deals, I’m afraid.

Free Call of Duty: Elite benefits detailed (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

-Access Elite through the Web, as well as via free applications for Android and iOS devices like smartphones and tablets.
-Track and share with friends in-game statistics like kill/death ratio, score-per-minute, win percentage, and more, all shown in “easy to understand” charts and infographics.
-Create custom leaderboards.
-View heat maps indicating dangerous areas in levels where players die the most.
-Upload and share videos from the game’s Theater mode.
-Customize a loadout, which includes choosing weapons, attachments, and perks, and transfer it to Modern Warfare 3 via Web or mobile.
-Join groups with common interests.
-Create clans.
-Track Call of Duty career progress, beginning with Call of Duty: Black Ops.
-Be placed into groups based on interests, as designated by Facebook profile listings.

That’s for the free benefits. According to Activision, it’ll “continue to evolve” in the future. Regarding premium content, not much news besides the fact that you won’t be able to buy weapons and/or levels like some iOS in-app purchases. They’ll also reveal every feature by the “end of summer”.

Blizzard hiring ‘PlayStation 3 Specialist’ for Diablo III (PC, MAC)

I assume they have a ‘Xbox 360 Specialist’ already. Anyway, this is probably one of the few games which I would probably get for the PC (usually I’ll get the Xbox 360 version for multi-playform titles), even though a console version would work. I haven’t tried Torchlight (Arcade) for the 360 yet, but it definitely looks fun. And I’ve played Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance on the Xbox, that was fun too. Or maybe I’ll end up getting both versions, depending on how it goes.

E3 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic – Exclusive Details on Raiding, Tatooine, Mounts and More (PC)

I’m not too big on MMORPGs due to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to play a lot of it to justify the monthly fees, but a Star Wars MMORPG by BioWare is still something to look out for. Back when Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was released, there was Star Wars Galaxies, but reviews for that were pretty average. That was also the case (although somewhat better) for BioWare’s last game, Dragon Age II, but hopefully SWTOR will offer the same stellar RPG experiences you’d expect from BioWare.

Wii 2 touch-screen controller confirmed – Report

Looks like the “swinging around an iPad controller” was true after all. The controller will have a six-inch touch screen, and supposedly “Nintendo aims to attract more users by offering a console that doubles as a portable game system” and that the controller can be used as a “portable game device.” Maybe it’ll mean more console/handheld connectivity like the PS3/PSP/NGP. And maybe it’ll mean a higher price point too. Whatever it is, there’s only a few days to Nintendo’s press conference, so we’ll hear more about it then.

Prey 2 E3 2011 Cinematic Trailer (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Another cinematic trailer, which looks great too. Seems like sliding will be a new trend in FPSes.

Saints Row: The Third E3 2011 Trailer (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Also cinematics by the way, and also awesome.

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4 Responses to E3 2011 – Pre-E3 Roundup

  1. Mikey says:

    I watched that Tomb Raider trailer, and it looks like it’s shaping up to be a masterpiece. The Metal Gear Solid HD remakes are extremely appealing, especially since I can finally play Peace Walker.

    I loved both of the Zone of the Enders games on PS2, so it’s good to see a more niche series getting some love. Another must buy for me when it releases. You seem to have left out the Silent Hill remakes – they were announced together with the other two. I’ve never been a big fan of the series, so I doubt I’ll be picking it up, unless the price is very right.

    And of course, I’ll be getting Final Fantasy XIII-2 on release day.

    • phazer says:

      Oh yes, reading all those stuff kept me up pretty late (or early), and that was just the first page of news. :/ Tried the Peace Walker demo, pretty fun game.

      Actually I’ve only heard of the GBA game, which is a turn-based strategy game, whereas the console versions are obviously much different. Probably will check it out though. Yeah I think I missed Silent Hill. I don’t really play games of that genre either, so… nah.

      Cool. Hopefully the Asian version won’t be delayed like it was for FFXIII, which was out almost a year after the US release…

  2. Doesn’t Tomb Raider looks great? I cannot wait to see more of that game.

  3. phazer says:

    I just happened to replace the dead link with another. XD
    No kidding, it looks awesome!

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