E3 2011 – Microsoft Press Conference Roundup

I’m watching the Microsoft press conference on GameSpot now, which started off with a demo of Modern Warfare 3. I’ll just update the post as it goes with new paragraphs for each section, although I doubt anyone is reading this instead of watching it. Edit// Or you could read this as a sort of roundup now that it’s over. I might update it tomorrow (later) with more links and/or pictures etc. or more likely, I’ll just create a new post.

Definitely not much changes to gameplay, although the action and feeling of war has been amped up pretty high. The level started off with you diving underwater and planting a mine on a submarine. After setting it off, the level continued with you and your squad boarding the submarine and fighting through to the control room in order to launch the submarine’s missiles. The level then ended with an escape sequence in a rubber dinghy (?).

Right now there’s a demo of Tomb Raider, and i looks like the starting level. Besides the amazing graphics, the game looks very cinematic, kind of like Heavy Rain (although I’ve only seen videos of it). Not really liking the “water drop” effect on-screen though.

Peter Moore’s on stage now to talk about EA Sports. You might remember him being one of the head honchos at Microsoft before he switched to EA. Not really a fan of sports games so I’m going to take a small break. :/ Or not… BioWare’s taking the stage with Mass Effect 3. Kinect functionality was revealed, although there was only voice control shown. I think? Edit// You can view the demo here.

Ubisoft’s turn with a trailer for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Right now they’re showing Kinect functionality as well, for the weapon customization to be specific. You can scroll through weapons with your hands and disassemble/assemble weapons by moving your hands apart/together, or by voice control. You can say stuff like “optimize for close combat” and the game will pull up a shotgun. You can also test weapons in a firing range, with some pretty slick movement controls for firing, scoping, reloading etc.

Marc Whitten on stage now to show off an improved Xbox Live interface. YouTube will be partnering with Xbox, and there will be bing integration as well. You can browse through all these using Kinect’s motion and voice controls. Xbox Live TV announced; partnerships with various major TV stations in North America and around the globe too, wherever that may be.

Ultimate Fighting Championship demo on stage. You will be able to watch live fights on Xbox.

Time for Xbox 360 exclusives now. Gears of War 3 to start. CliffyB and Ice-T on stage to show a co-op demo. Level starts off on a ship with a huge boss-like creature wrecking the ship. Yep, it’s a boss all right. After blasting away at its eyes it backs down for the moment. Ends with a cutscene; explosives drop on the monster and kills (?) it.

Trailer of a Crytek game plays; “This is Rome”, i.e. the game will be set in medieval times. Game is titled Ryse and will feature Kinect motion controls. The character’s actions will mirror your own, as shown in the fighting sequences. Looks like it’ll be the best-looking core (as opposed to add-on functionality) Kinect game yet. Plus, it’s from Crytek after all.

Halo video playing, footage of the HD remake shown. Looks very much like the recent games. Releasing on November 15 this year.

Forza Motorport 4 trailer with in-game footage shown. You can turn the camera with Kinect by turning your head; 16 players; 80+ manufacturers.

Peter Molyneux on stage with Fable: The Journey. CG trailer shown which transits into the game. Player is controlling a horse carriage using Kinect motion control, and casting spells too. You can throw energy bolts by gesturing towards the screen; charge spells by “rolling” your hands to form a spear, and throw it at the enemy like you would a real spear.

Minecraft! Coming to Xbox and Kinect this winter. Disneyland Adventures announced, you’ll be able to take a virtual trip to Disneyland, create souvenirs (and share with other players), and play mini-games. Current one shown is that of Peter Pan’s flight, where you control a flying character with your body to collect coins. Kinda like Mario Kart. Alice in Wonderland stage also shown, plays pretty similar.

And finally Kinect Star Wars. Trailer shows that besides lightsaber-swinging, there will also be pod racing and other vehicular action, including space combat. In-game demo shown now. Seems like an on-rail game where you just have to swing your arms and such to control the lightsaber, use force powers, jump etc. Demo ends with 2 Sith appearing and activating dual lightsabers.

Sesame Street Kinect game being shown. More family fun with your kids I guess.

Kinect Fun Labs shown, which acts like a Kinect hub on the dashboard. New features include body-scanning — scan your face and clothes, and Kinect will create an avatar just like yourself. You can take pictures of yourself, and add a laser-like effect on screen with finger-tracking in 3D. The laser goes around your body, in front and behind it. You can also view the photo in 3D; rotating the image by moving your body. Third feature, object capturing — scan in a toy, and Kinect will create the item in the hub. Demo-er gives examples such as scanning a car and driving it around, and scanning a skateboard and, well, skating around.

Video of Kinect Sports Season Two shown, featuring Baseball, Tennis and Football. Demo of Golf now. You can change clubs using voice, and gameplay controls like you would play in real life. Football co-op/2 player demo now. You control the character by jogging on the spot (not sure if it’s for show effect or if you actually have to jog), throw the ball like you would in real life, and avoid the other team by jumping.

Harmonix shows off Dance Central 2. You can import songs from the previous game into this, which also features 2 player dancing. The on-stage staff are dancing like pro dancers. Or at least, I think they’re developers too.

Don Mattrick wraps up with a closing statement and announces the “dawn of a new trilogy”, Halo 4!!!! CG trailer plays. Starts off with Cortanta yelling for Master Chief to wake up. He exits his cryo chamber and wakes up as explosions erupt around the spaceship and jetpacks his way to the cut-off section (the ship was torn apart by slipspace in Halo 3). There, he looks on as the spaceship drifts towards the mysterious planet, which seems to have “awakened”, as shown in Halo 3‘s ending. game releasing Holiday 2012.

Halo 4

Spartans never die. Same goes for successful franchises.

Off to sleep now, it’s 2:40 AM here.

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4 Responses to E3 2011 – Microsoft Press Conference Roundup

  1. Mikey says:

    Very nice live blog post.

    Microsoft has unveiled a lot of interesting stuff. I’m pretty excited to get home and see all the media from the showing so I can do my own recap of everything. =)

  2. phazer says:

    Thanks. :D

    Didn’t catch most of the names of the people who went on stage so I mostly skipped mentioning them. XD

    Didn’t realize Sony would be on so early, I only managed to catch the PSP Vita segment when I woke up. :/

  3. Mikey says:

    Yeah for whatever reason, Sony’s presentation was at 8 PM EST. For comparison, Microsoft’s was at 12:30 PM EST.

  4. phazer says:

    If I remember (not really) it’s the same every year though. Just that this year I forgot it would be on the same day as Microsoft’s, which in my case, would be the next morning.

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