E3 2011 – Nintendo Press Conference Roundup

Time for another attempt at live-blogging. Although I’m really just editing and updating the post every now and then. Not quite sure how to do a proper live-blog otherwise. I think there might be a plugin for that on wordpress.org blogs? Oh well. The conference will be starting soon.

At the moment the screen is showing trivia based on Nintendo’s franchises. Can somewhat make out the words from the HD stream.

Conference has started, with an orchestra playing (the Zelda theme presumably, I have to admit I haven’t really played the games…) in front of the stage and the screen showing videos of previous Zelda games. Pretty cool start. Anyway, hearing this makes me want to check out the game’s soundtrack(s). It’s the series’ 25th anniversary!

Shigeru Miyamoto comes on stage. Seems like the orchestra will be a permanent fixture to play the “entry tunes” (at least for the man himself). Cool. Hearing Japanese and English overlapping at times is kinda… distracting. Now they’re playing various in-game tunes, like finding a treasure chest and getting an item, with Miyamoto performing the associated actions. XD

Various future releases for different platforms announced. I sort of missed the first one, but I believe it was Ocarina of Time 3D for the 3DS, with new content added e.g. boss mode and  new challenges. Four Swords will be available on the DSi in September as a free download. Skyward Sword will be released in Holiday 2011 worldwide. There will be 25th anniversary symphony concerts held in various regions in Fall, with announcements to come in the future. Also, 2 CDs: Ocarina of Time 3D for buyers of the game who register on Nintendo’s site. And another in conjunction with the concert and Skyward Sword. More staff members enter and thank the crowd before ending the segment.

Satoru Iwata comes on stage to talk about industry trends etc. Cafe announcement? Yep. “Deeper and wider” — the new platform will provide deeper game experinces and a wider appeal. OK, the details will come later it seems. Coming next year. Now he talks about the 3DS. Video plays, Mario Kart appears first, then Star Fox. Then Mario. Zelda. It’s probably playing in 3D over there. Ghostbuster Luigi appears.

Reggie Fils-Aime’s turn now. He talks about gamers wanting new stuff, but at the same time prefer to have something familiar to them at the same time.

Mario Kart 3D trailer plays. You can customize your karts, for one. Coming in Holiday 2011. Star Fox 3D. You can control the game by tilting/turning your 3DS. When playing multiplayer, the camera will show your friends’ reactions as you destroy them. Super Mario 3D. First 3D Mario game to be created from scratch for a handheld. Game will be out “before the year is over”.

Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer playing. I just realized I can’t say much about the games shown today because I haven’t played the previous ones… Anyway, trailer ends with AR cards of Icarus (I presume) and Medusa fighting each other. Seems like you’ll also be able to do battle using the AR cards too (i.e. they’re not just for show). Comes “later this year”. Luigi’s Mansion 2 trailer. There will be “several” new mansions.

Trailer of first-party games playing — Resident Evil, Sonic, Ace Combat, Tetris, Cave Story, Driver Renegade, Tekken, Metal Gear Solid. Reggie talks about Nintendo eShop now — there will be trailers and demos for download. Virtual Console will include Gameboy and Gameboy Color games, and old console games. 3D Classics Excitebike will be free for download for a limited time.

Pokemon time. You’ll be able to download Pokedex 3D for free through the eShop after performing a system update. You start off with 16 of them, and get new ones through Spot Pass and trading with friends. You’ll be able to take pictures with the Pokemon you collect.

Wii-U. That’s the name of the new platform. Wow. U can stand for Unique, Utopia, or whatever you come up with. Controller is revealed on-screen — 2 thumbsticks, a D-pad, 2 trigger buttons and 4 face buttons with secondary buttons at the bottom e.g. Home button. You’ll be able to play Wii-U games on the controller, draw on it, play Reversi etc. The controller features motion controls, and you can also use it to view different camera perspectives in the game.

Shuriken demo shown, they appear as a stack on the controller and you flick/swipe them on your screen towards the TV. Video-chatting, internet browsing… you can share content on your controller to the TV by flicking it towards the TV. Access Link’s inventory on the controller while the game plays on the TV. You will be able to use it together with current Wii accessories (not sure of their official names yet) — the weighing scale, gun add-on etc.

It comes with speakers, accelerometer, microphone and camera. And of course, touch screen. Iwata mentions that Wii-U wasn’t designed to be a mainstream, affordable videogame machine. You will be able to play games on both the controller and TV screen, or just the controller itself e.g. Reversi. He talks about connectivity between the console, the TV and the internet.

Video of Miyamoto talking about the system plays. He talks about the possibilities the new setup can bring to developers. Super Smash Bros will be developed for 3DS and Wii-U, with some form of connectivity between both versions.

Reggie comes back on. Interactive demos will be available at the convention. Video of a bird flying onto a tree branch plays, after which the sakura flowers blossom… Ok, forget it, I’m not even sure what this is about.

Actually, now that I think about it (and now that they’re showing more), the “controller” seems like the actual console itself.

Lego City Stories, a “new, open world game packed with action” will be released for Wii-U and the 3DS. Video of developers/publishers talking about the Wii-U plays.

Batman: Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon Online, Darksiders II, Tekken for Wii-U announced. Or talked about, at any rate. Ok, now announced with trailers playing. Plus Dirt, Aliens Colonial Marines, Metro Last Night (great looking shooter), you will be able to doodle on characters’ faces in Tekken, Ninja Gaiden 3 (holy crap!). Batman and Assassin’s Creed weren’t shown.

John Riccitiello, CEO of EA comes on stage. This is first apperance at Nintendo’s E3 press conference it seems. EA Sports games (Madden 12, FIFA 12) and Battlefield 3 talked about, but not specifically announced.

Reggie comes back on and talks about DS, 3DS, Wii and the Wii-U, all common with one theme — innovation. For those watching online, he mentions Nintendo Network’s E3 coverage — live cams, booth demos, trailers etc. “Enjoy the show.”

It’s supposed to be http://e3.nintendo.com/ but it doesn’t seem to be acessible at the moment. Not for me, at least. Probably just me, since I can’t even access the Nintendo main page. Oh well. Edit// OK, it’s working now. I’ll make another post since it’s Day 1 at E3.

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