TGIF! Although Saturdays I have another event going on so for me it’ll be TGIS. Anyway, I started on a holiday job so I doubt I’ll have time to post (m)any articles. Ironically I’ll have more free time when school starts… although I’ll only be able to play iPhone games then, for the most part. I finally started playing Mass Effect again, the last time I played for about 2 hours but I stopped due to some reason or other. School, or whatever it was. Started a new game too, since I couldn’t really remember what happened. Not that there would be a lot to miss in the first 2 hours, but it’s not a lot to replay either. Hopefully I can finish it before school starts in September. And maybe Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and/or Mass Effect 2, too. I don’t have either games, but Mass Effect 2 is kind of tempting since a nearby store is having a sale for that. With sequels to both games coming out soon, I need to finish those first…

In other news, I noticed something when I was syncing my iPhone just now:


Almost a thousand! Of which I probably only use 10 or so regularly and maybe another 20 or so not-so-regularly. And maybe 800 which I haven’t even played before, and 650 I have never transferred over to my iPhone. In all, they take up 41.9 GB on my computer. Maybe I should start clearing out the useless stuff. Eventually…

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