Weekly Roundup June 27 – July 3

Bargains Roundup

Steam Summer Camp Sale is on, with various games on sale throughout the promotion period (30 June – 10 July) and different, additional deals available each day. Here’s some of today’s deals:

Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition and Magicka at $3.39 each, down from $9.99; BioShock, BioShock 2, Darksiders and Aliens vs. Predator at $4.99 each, down from $19.99; Half-Life Complete (basically all Half-Life and Half-Life 2 games with discounts for each if you want to buy them separately) at $9.99, down from $39.99; Super Meat Boy at $7.49, down from $14.99; Battlefield: Bad Company 2 at $7.50, down from $29.99, you can also get that together with Vietnam and a DLC for $9.99.

Some of the App Store sales I mentioned in my previous article are still ongoing, namely:

Pocket Academy at $3.99 and Game Dev Story is on sale at $1.99 (for some reason Hot Springs Story isn’t on sale though). Various Com2uS games on sale at $0.99, including Inotia 2, Inotia 3, Tower Defense: Lost Earth and Third Blade. Check the full list here. It’s been a few days since Street Fighter IV Volt (iPhone/iPod Touch) was out, and the price is now $3.99 (it was $0.99 on Day 1). If you don’t have it yet, you still have a few days before it’ll be fixed at $6.99

News Roundup

Crysis 2 DirectX 11 Update Released (PC)

The new patch adds DirectX 11 support and “Ultra” spec features. If you have a PC powerful enough to support the new stuff (Tessellation! Realistic Shadows with Variable Penumbra! Parallax Occlusion Mapping! Et cetera!) you will obviously want this. Check here for the official FAQ/feature list. You can also check here for various gameplay videos taken with the patch applied.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Annihilation – In the Jungle Trailer (360, PC, PS3)

When Escalation was released, I thought that it would be my first DLC purchase in a long time (my last was probably Bring Down the Sky for Mass Effect which I had barely played, but I got it anyway since it was on sale). The main reason being the Call of the Dead map, which I thought would be more Left 4 Dead-like with a more campaign-ish structure, but apparently not so much. And the main, main reason being Sarah Michelle Gellar. It’s not every day you get to play as her in a video game. For some reason I never played the Buffy games on the previous-gen, and they seem decent enough. Anyway, for the better or worse, I have yet to buy it. Meanwhile, the industry moves along with the third Black Ops DLC, which is out on the Xbox 360 for 1200 MSP (the other versions, as with the previous DLCs, are likely to be released about a month later).

Naughty Dog details Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta (PS3)

Yay to PS3/Uncharted fans. You can also check out the hands-on preview and a 26-minute gameplay video.

Next Xbox reveal due by E3 2012?

Traditionally, console announcements have been accompanied by the actual release the following year or earlier (at least, based on the Wikipedia articles of various current/previous-gen consoles). I was hoping the next release would be in 2014, but a reveal in 2012 could mean a 2013 release date. No point announcing a new console and leave it hanging for 2 years after all.

Forza 4 collector’s edition includes 25 cars (360)

Pretty much the standard for Forza 2nd-tier limited edition sets (or limited editions in general): more cars (some of which will be available as DLC instead), steel-book casing, a book (presumably an artwork book because I’m not sure people would want to read 96 pages worth of text about cars instead of looking at them). The game is due on 11 October later this year.

Forza Motorsport 4

Is that a real car?!

PSP Dual Packs debut this week

2 games for US$14.99: 1) Secret Agent Clank and Daxter; 2) Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow and Killzone Liberation; 3) Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo. They will be available in retail stores and on the PlayStation Network for download.

XBLA Summer of Arcade games dated, priced (360)

First up will be Bastion on 20 July, followed by From Dust, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Fruit Ninja Kinect and Toy Soldiers: Cold War. Each release will be one week after another, with the games selling for 1200 MSP (except Fruit Ninja Kinect for 800 MSP). If you buy all 5 games you’ll also get Crimson Alliance for free, which will be released on 7 September for 1200 MSP. I have more games than I know what to do with, so I’ll probably only get Bastion, provided I can find the time to play it…

Supreme Court put corporate interests ahead of kids – Yee

Oh, I’m sure I (and only about millions of other people) turned out to be crazed killers after playing games like Counter-Strike, Halo and Grand Theft Auto in their childhood/teenage years. Well, the main article is actually Violent game law falls in Supreme Court, but I wanted to have that opening statement. Heh. You can check out GameSpot’s full coverage here too.


Take that!

World of Warcraft now free until level 20 (PC, MAC)

Looks like free trials and “freemium” games with micro-transactions are all the rage these days. Although in the case of World of Warcraft it’s the “free trial” part. Nothing says “carrot and stick” better than this!

Ninja Gaiden III Preview (360, PS3, Wii U)

For some reason A360P only posted this now, and for some reason I never did watch the stage demo during E3, or after that, until now. Game seems somewhat different in some aspects now. 1) No more decapitation: not really a deal-breaker for me, but it’s always been a part of the previous games. That and after slashing at enemies with so much force, it seems weird that their bodies stay intact. And, 2) quick time events: besides the occasional cutscene-type QTEs, sometimes when you attack enemies normally, you’ll get the chance to press a button for a supposedly more visceral instant kill… which is lessened somewhat due to point 1. 3) Stealth segments: variety is good and all, but stealth Ryu is an oxymoron. Sure, he’s a ninja too, but he’s also the Rambo of ninjas. 4) Speaking of variety, there’s this kunai climb thing where you climb up the wall with 2 kunais. Kinda (totally) reminds me of Modern Warfare 2‘s Cliffhanger level. (Maybe there were others before it, but I probably didn’t play them.) You’ll get to slip off the wall too. But the main problems are the first 3 points. I wonder if this new direction is due to Itagaki’s departure…

Skyrim to have fewer, more ‘substantial’ DLC packs – Report (360, PC, PS3)

Indeed, horse armor DLCs are a thing of the past now.

Kitase: Final Fantasy HD Console Collection Would Be Seriously Considered if Demand Was High Enough

Apparently it’s not high enough at the moment. Or they’re just waiting… for whatever reason.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

... that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be awesome!

Bungie Aerospace is an Initiative For Indie Developers

Seems like the next big Bungie game won’t be coming out of the shadows just yet.

An ‘Angry Birds’ Movie Might Be a Reality After All

Oh boy… nothing against Angry Birds in particular but a movie?! The power of franchising knows no bounds I suppose.

Crysis rated for 360, PS3

It/they can run Crysis, apparently.

Sony PSN Breach Infographic

Veracode dropped a link to an interesting infographic about the PSN breach, which features a timeline beginning from the lawsuit that potentially started it all to the more-recent attacks on their sub-sites; their share price during the timeline; and some stats (Sony’s revenue > Slovakia’s GDP for example).

Release Roundup

I thought “Release Roundup” sounded better than “Reviews Roundup”. So…

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (360, PC, PS3) – 7.5

Arcade Edition is available as both a standalone package (if you don’t have Super Street Fighter IV yet) and a downloadable update. It features 4 new characters – Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu and Oni – as well as new gameplay balances (you can choose to play with the new tweaks on or with the old system).

‘Pocket Academy’ Review – ‘Game Dev Story’ Goes to School

I’ve been away from the iOS gaming scene for quite some time… If not for the lack of releases on PC/consoles, I wouldn’t have started checking up on iOS articles to read up and post here. And I would have missed Kairosoft’s newest offering. Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story were 2 of my favourite iOS games (so much so that I wrote a guide [or 2, you could say] for the latter), so picking this up is a no brainer for me. Something to play while on the commute to work, provided I don’t get squashed by the 123 other people in the cabin.

Pocket Academy

How someone can get bored while skating round the school, I have no idea...

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