Weekly Roundup July 4 – July 10

9 November 2011: Here’s a draft entry which I never posted, probably because it was only 90% finished, and then later on I hadn’t been updating at all. Really old news, but might as well post it since it’s mostly done (the date changing feature of WordPress also helps). The FFVII stop motion video is worth a look anytime anyway.

Final Fantasy VII Stop Motion Is Eight Minutes of Holy S***

Not quite Advent Children CG quality, but definitely epic. There’s also Mega-Man and Gundam videos with a Halo one coming up next. In related news, there’s also the awesome Dead Fantasy (and Haloid) videos by montyoum which were released a few years back.

Final Fantasy Type-0 delayed until “Fall” 2011 (PSP)

That’s for Japan. The international/overseas/western/whatever you want to call it release is still TBA. Apparently the single-player portion of the game is done already, so the PSN outage was affecting the development process. The final game will be 30-40 hours with side-quests taking up another 60 hours. Talk about being a completionist.

Square Enix announces Final Fantasy rhythm game (3DS)

Apparently there really isn’t enough demand for HD remakes of Final Fantasy games.

Here It Is, an *Official* Pokémon App (iOS, AND)

In other musical news, there will be a free rhythm-Pokemon app out for iOS and Android platforms this summer, which is the first time a Pokemon game is out on a non-Nintendo platform. Although it seems to be one-off thing, so you won’t be catching ’em all on a smartphone anytime soon.

Japan’s Pop Princess Wants to Give You Tales Loot (PS3)

Haven’t listened to J-Pop in the longest time, but yeah, one of my (then) favorite artistes, Ayumi Hamasaki, is singing the theme for Tales of Xillia. The limited edition version of her upcoming mini-album FIVE will contain a code for a downloadable “rabbit-eared “Song Princess” outfit”. Because everyone needs a rabbit-eared outfit. And I’m not being sarcastic here!

The GameFAQs of 1994 Was Way Cooler

There was this person who wrote a letter to Sierra for help on a puzzle in King’s Quest IV, and got an actual reply. Try doing that now, and you might be lucky if you received a reply 2 months later.

Square Enix announces Final Fantasy rhythm game

This was actually where I left off. The game is still in development, but there have been screenshots since then.

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