Presenting: The Anti-Social Gamer

I thought of creating a separate blog for this column of sorts, but I figured since videogameholic is about, well, video games too, I might as well just post it here (but with a different account). That and also because I haven’t been updating the site lately (and it doesn’t seem like I’ll be updating it much as well) so having this here gives me something to post.

The The Anti-Social Gamer column will be as its name implies. But before I go any further, disclaimer: I’ll first say that I’m not stereotyping gamers as being anti-social (studies have also shown otherwise [/random site quote]). This is merely a naming convention — The Lonely Gamer or The Single-Player, Bot-Loving Gamer just do not sound nearly as nice. What this column will do is review (or just talk about, really) games based on their so-called “anti-social” factor:

  1. Single Player: How short is it? Although “how awesome is it?” is somewhat important too, both directly (you might not be playing it otherwise) and indirectly (you might want to play it more than once; see point #3). The longer the better for the anti-social gamer who wants to indulge in a great solo adventure.
  2. Multiplayer: Bots, yes or no? Yes = Good, No = Not so good. Highly co-operative/team-based or lone wolf? Can I play without caring about my teammates and still have fun?
  3. Replayability: How many times you might decide to play a game over and over again. Replayability for single player depends on the campaign’s quality, multiple endings etc. whereas for multiplayer it simply depends on the fun level.
  4. Extras: Unlockables etc. Achievements might help extend a game’s longevity too but that’ll be another column (maybe). This won’t usually be included unless the game has really great extras.

Basically I’ll rate games on the amount of fun to be had when playing alone. By alone I simply mean playing without friends, so playing with random strangers online doesn’t count.

So if you like:

  • Lengthy single player campaigns
  • Playing with bots over humans
  • Playing multiplayer games where you can just do your own stuff and still win (since nobody likes to lose after all)

Then this column is written for people like you (myself included, somewhat).

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