The Anti-Social Gamer – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

Here’s the first “review” for the The Anti-Social Gamer column, and it’s for Modern Warfare 3, which is the latest game I’ve played since my semester started. Unlike a regular review I’ll just cut to the chase (somewhat) and list out the game’s strong and weak points when it comes to anti-social gaming.

Single Player

Short. In terms of anti-social-ness, that’s about the best adjective for the campaign. On Normal difficulty you can finish the game within 5-6 hours, which can literally be done in one sitting. Even if you took your time to get all the mission-specific achievements along the way, you could still complete it in that timeframe. Veteran might take you 1-2 hours more depending on your skill, but it probably won’t go beyond 10 hours.

MW3 has you going around the world in under 6 hours.

Quality-wise, it’s what you’d expect if you played the previous games. If you loved them, you’ll love MW3 as well, but it’s still short. You might end up replaying it once or twice though, and perhaps on a higher difficulty, so the single player might last you for 5-20 hours ultimately.

Verdict: 3/10


There’s a free-for-all mode, but the rest are team-based. In Team Deathmatch you can run around and do your own thing, which is probably what everyone else will be doing as well (unless you’re playing against players in a Xbox Live party or against clan members). In objective-based matches teamwork is more essential. However, unless you’re playing against party/clan members, most people will probably be just as likely to run around on their own so it depends on your teammates. Some just like to kill people without bothering about the objective, but usually they’ll help out on the objective (protecting the flag carrier, defending the place while another player defuses the bomb etc.). This (I like to call it “implicit teamwork”) somewhat makes up for the lack of actual teamwork so you can still have fun playing without being in a group.

The Mercenary Team Deathmatch playlist, which is TDM without parties, is back. Which means that like-minded anti-social gamers can play together without people chatting away and without having to play against a bunch of people who might have played together since forever. Or at least, that’s what I think Mercenary TDM is for.

Even if you’re only playing TDM, the core gameplay is still a blast which will have you hooked. And there’s also the levelling and weapon customization system which entices you to keep playing and unlock the next weapon or attachment. Unless you’re on the receiving end of a noob-tube 75% of the time, in which case you might want to return the favour.

An RPG works just as well.

Spec Ops

Spec Ops is back with new missions, which you can play co-op or solo so plus point there. Although, if you die in a solo game you’ll have to restart from the beginning whereas you can revive another player in co-op. As with MW2, some missions will require 2 players, or at least, another controller plugged in. Good luck with the latter on Veteran though.

MW3 also introduces a Survival mode which pits you against waves of enemies. Again, you can play this solo but you won’t be able to revive of you get killed (there’s a one-use perk which auto-revives you but it’s possible to still get killed if you’re overwhelmed). Although MW3 doesn’t have bots (unlike Black Ops with its Combat Training mode), Survival is a decent alternative. As with multiplayer, you earn levels and unlock weapons and other equipment for purchase.

Verdict: 9/10

If you’re planning on keeping the game, it’ll be for its multiplayer, unless you are really, really against playing with humans. Or if you only have an Xbox Live silver account (which simplifies matters). In which case, it depends on how much you’ll want to keep playing Survival.

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7 Responses to The Anti-Social Gamer – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

  1. courtneyay says:

    One thing I dislike about the multiplayer is the spawning. I feel like that is a really weak point.

    • phazer says:

      Good for players of a lower skill level though. That way if they get killed they won’t have to wait for the round to be over to play again (like getting sniped 10 seconds after the start in a CS game). And I guess it’s also more of a console thing.

  2. cooneytunes says:

    Really liked how you split up the review in to different sections

  3. papa oz says:

    550 Million Dollars In The First Five Days; This Must Be A Great Game.

    The game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 takes after Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It has many spectacular events such as the mission based Campaign, and an all new way to play with friends, Special Operations or Ops, the variety and customization of all the Weapons, and last but not least, the mind blowing Multiplayer.
    In this mission based campaign there is no telling what will come next, from vicious dogs to juggernauts that won’t die to blowing up planes and pretending to be a terrorist. This game is the surprise of a lifetime. You can even race snowmobiles through terrorist filled terrain in a special op. If you want a different experience, and want to ride through trashy terrorist neighborhoods with you and a turret against the world, then use campaign mode. It has many amazing guns and it lets you use them.
    The guns in this game are absolutely amazing. Two examples are the ACR and the ump45. The ump is an unbelievable sub machine gun, its power and fire rate and mobility are all great. It’s definitely a contender for the best gun ever. It’s smart to use with a tactical knife or a rushing class. With the amount of strength it contains you don’t even need stopping power (Which is a perk that gives your gun extra power).
    The UMP45 is best with a pistol and a tactical knife as a secondary weapon and Marathon for unlimited sprinting, Lightweight for extra speed, and Commando for longer range of knifing. The UMP has great mobility, so it’s best to use it on a rushing class. It’s also good to use with silencer to keep you off the radar as well.
    If you use a UMP45 in Search and Destroy, which is a type of game mode, then you will usually win every one on one battle. Its power and accuracy are shown when you’re in medium and close range. It’s very strong and almost a two shot kill every time with a silencer!
    The ACR is undoubtedly the most accurate assault rifle. Its power and fire rate reflect attributes that no gun has ever come close to. It’s very good with slight of hand, stopping power, and ninja. This gun is devastating if you’re camping and great even when you’re moving around. If you use a Spas 12 as your secondary then you have a far-medium range threat with your ACR, and a close range threat with your Spas.
    The ACR is good with a silencer and red dot sight to keep you off the radar and to bump up that accuracy that little bit so that you can win the game. The best game mode to use it in is Search and Destroy where you camp and wait for someone to run by. You then stealthily shoot them with your silencer, get the kill, and stay hidden from the enemy’s radar so that you’re not killed.
    Special ops are a 2 player game where you do mini game missions. You get to race snow mobiles and do plenty of other intriguing things. You can play on three different difficulties. You earn three stars for the hardest difficulty and one for the easiest. You gain levels and get to play more missions by getting stars. You can go snowmobiling, use turrets, fly helicopters, use fake identities, and do many crazy things.
    You can either play split screen or play online. The first mission you have to sneak through an enemy base with a partner. You have to stealthily shoot the guards at the same time or they will alert the others. If you get spotted dogs come and everyone teams up to kill you. It’s quite hard and nearly impossible to break free if you’re on the hardest difficulty and this happens. You then finish by sliding down a mountain and climbing into a helicopter.
    The multiplayer gameplay is fantastic. There are basically no lags and you can talk to your friends whenever you want. There are many different game modes to choose from like Demolition and Search and Destroy where you blow things up to win or Hardcore where there is no radar or any help and its harder, or simply just play Team Death Match and Free For All.
    You can prestige ten times and each time you can level up to 10th prestige level 70 and then you are on the top of your game. You’re able to play with a team of 1-9 playing on the same team at a time depending on game modes. At the most you can make ten custom classes at a time but you have to be tenth prestige and you can do anything you want with them. Ten classes with a variety of different guns (shotguns, snipers, automatic guns, etc.) could be a way to play with a greater chance of winning then losing. If you use different camouflages for different maps then you can be almost invisible and with a silencer and cold blooded you won’t even be seen on the radar. There are so many ways to play this game and so many ways to win and be good at this game that its fun for everyone.
    In conclusion, the reason this game is so good is because of the variety and customization of weapons, the exhilarating multiplayer, and the magnificent mission based campaign! In the end, this game is unbelievable, from map packs to everything thinkable in a video game. If you are looking for a first person shooter then this is the one to get!

  4. pakg05 says:

    Wow. Nice to see someone made a review on the single player side versus the multiplayer side, at least it gives people like me what to expect on each territory of the game. Thanks for the post.

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