Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

The latest 360 dashboard update was out some time yesterday, bringing with it the Metro interface that has been on Windows Phone 7. Personally I quite like the look, and it’s one of the reasons why my next phone will be a WP7 (the other reason being achievements on the go, yay!). Most of the new features are home entertainment-related, but there’s also the new cloud saving feature, which will be useful if you play at a friend’s house often. More details at X360A.

The Metro interface, now on the 360

Also, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch users rejoice, for Microsoft has finally released an official Xbox Live app for the iOS. It isn’t as fully featured as the Xbox Companion app for WP7, but it works fine enough. There’s a spotlight home page which showcases new releases, similar to what you get on the 360. You can also customize your avatar, edit your basic profile information and send messages to your friends. Of course, you can also view and compare achievements.

You can never get sick of looking at your achievements... I think.

Screenshot by Major Nelson (click for more).

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