25 Things I Want for Christmas in 2011 – Part 2

Finally managed to get this done up, what with all the crazy Steam stuff. Check out Part 1 for the Games and Hardware wishlist.


GAEMS G155 Personal Gaming Environment

GAEMS G155 Personal Gaming Environment
US$269.99 at Amazon

This sweet device doubles as a 360/360S/PS3 Slim carrier, and, more importantly, lets you plug in your system and play on the go as it also sports a 15.5″ 720p LED display and speakers (you can also plug in 1 or 2 headphones). It connects using HDMI, so if you have an old 360 model it won’t be supported, but it’ll support other hardware with HDMI ports. You’ll still have to plug in the system and your console (or at least, I think it’s both) to a power supply, but there may be an external battery in the future. If you want to play your console games at a friend’s house, at school (hmm), overseas, or if you just want an easy to set-up setup, this if for you.

Microsoft Points

Microsoft Points
US$49.96 at Amazon for 4000 MSP, various packages at Play-Asia

Not really an accessory, but doesn’t really fit elsewhere either, so… With all the holiday deals going on, Microsoft Points are much needed. Admittedly after the first day offer (Bastion) the subsequent 2 offers didn’t interest me as much, but there should be a few more great offers along the way, hopefully? Day 3 had a ton of Fallout DLCs but I haven’t really touched the game anyway. Besides that, the ongoing offers are pretty good too, with games like Portal: Still Alive, Renegade Ops and the season pass for L.A. Noire. Speaking of which, season passes are all the rage nowadays so having MSP would be useful even when the sale period is over.

You’ll definitely want to get this from a retailer though, even at the street price it’ll still be cheaper than buying from the Marketplace directly (same goes for Gold subscriptions). Play-Asia also has a digital purchase where they’ll send you the code. MSP, like Xbox Live cards, are region-locked though, so you’ll have to buy the one for yours.

Nyko Zoom for Kinect

Nyko Zoom for Kinect
US$19.19 at Amazon, US$34.90 at Play-Asia

I’ve barely used my Kinect but if I had the Zoom I might be more likely to. As it is, I have just enough space for the Kinect to work, although it does seem like it would need more space to work better. Two players, according to the in-game interface, is probably out of the question. Although, if an accessory alone could make it work you’d think Microsoft would’ve developed it themselves. Or, well, made the Kinect more small-living-room-friendly. The reviews are pretty mixed though, with it working perfectly for some and not for others (especially on Amazon), so it probably depends on your set-up.

Mad Catz Gears of War 3 Headset

Mad Catz Gears of War 3 7.1 Headset
US$172.96 at Amazon

I was never much of an audiophile, in fact sometimes I would play a game without sound (though that was pretty long ago). My audio setups are usually either my computer speakers or… My iPhone earphones, no fancy 5.1 setups or home theatre systems. I wanted to put the Razer Tiamat here, but unfortunately, it seems that the release date has slipped into January 2012. That and also because this also works with the 360, which is useful even if I don’t normally use the microphone. Also works with the PC and PS3. The only downside is that it’s wired, although it doesn’t bug me all that much.

Western Digital My Book Live 3 TB

Western Digital My Book Live 3 TB
US$231.33 at Amazon

The selling point of this HDD is that you can plug it in to your router and access it from the Internet on another computer. There’s also an app for iOS/Android tablets/smartphones which lets you store and view photos and videos on the drive. Which is pretty neat in itself, but it also serves as additional storage space for you device (though only for photos and videos, if I’m not mistaken). You can also use it to stream content to your console or supported TV. I obviously don’t have it since it’s in my wishlist, so I can’t comment on how well it works. In any case, it’s still a HDD after all, so you can use it to store all the games you bought in Steam’s Holiday Sale


Halo Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to the Halo Universe

Halo Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to the Halo Universe
US$26.40 at Amazon

The Halo universe has a rather rich backstory, with various novels and comics published, and this provides a ton of information in its 368 pages. This is the newer version, released on 19 September earlier this year, with 16 extra pages of content related to Halo: Reach. And presumably various other updates as well, since its said that some of the information are incorrect. Nevertheless, if you’re a Halo fanboy (or girl), you’ll definitely be interested in this.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack (4CD + DVD Limited Edition)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack (4CD+DVD Limited Edition)
US$63.99 at Play-Asia, ¥4571 (~US$58.72) at CDJapan

Another Final Fantasy XIII-2 related item, but not without good reason, which is that the Final Fantasy series has some of the best soundtracks. I loved Final Fantasy XIII‘s soundtrack too, and its composer, Hamauzu Masashi, has returned for the sequel, along with Mizuta Naoshi and Suzuki Mitsuto. And also because it’s a limited edition Square Enix product.

StarCraft II: Devils' Due

StarCraft II: Devils’ Due
US$10.40 at Amazon

A fairly cheap item for once. I like reading books (although I don’t read a lot nowadays), so game-based novels are pretty interesting. The ones I usually read are from Halo or Blizzard games, out of which I like the StarCraft‘s the most. The author, Christie Golden, also wrote a number of World of WarCraft and the Dark Templar series (which I liked, although not as much as Ghost).

Diablo III: Book of Cain

Diablo III: Book of Cain
US$23.10 at Amazon

I have to say, I couldn’t really come up with a lot of stuff that isn’t a Final Fantasy-related book/poster/figurine/trading card/thing. There’s also LE strategy guides with artwork included and what not but I figured the Halo Encyclopaedia was similar to that. Thought of posters and stuff, but they don’t really cut it for me, so I ended up with Book of Cain, which I guess is pretty much a “game book”, but. It’s from Blizzard so the quality’s going to be there (Amazon reviews concur too). And it’s more of a collectible than a novel or LE strategy guide. Actually I probably like Diablo less than StarCraft or Warcraft but I’m pretty excited about Diablo III. As for the next item, I should’ve included it in Part 1 somewhere, somehow, but since the other stuff will be pretty similar…


Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Bundle

Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector’s Bundle
US$149.95 at Amazon

I don’t play (paid) MMOs because 1) I don’t really play every day, which makes it not worth having a monthly subscription; and 2) my pockets aren’t deep enough for that… Yet. Well, technically it is, but it also leads back to point 1 and point 2.5 whereby I would have to spend less on other areas. So yeah, about the game. If I were to play a MMO, it would be World of Warcraft or this. The contents of the CE are pretty sweet. Like Skyrim‘s big box (I haven’t physically seen SWTOR’s CE, but I assume it should be about the same size as Skyrim‘s), it comes with a statue, named “Gentle Giant Darth Malgus”. Right. The other stuff is pretty standard for CEs, including the game’s soundtrack (now who doesn’t love Star Wars music?), and a bunch of in-game items, like the HoloDancer (because everyone needs their own holographic dancers).

Non-gaming related

Lytro Camera

Lytro Camera
US$399 for 8GB and US$499 for 16GB models at the official site

It only starts shipping early 2012, and it only ships within the U.S. as of now, and it requires a Mac to import and edit pictures (Windows support is still in the works)… But! It’s an amazing piece of tech. There’s still various kinks to be worked out and the technology still needs improvements, like I mentioned in a previous post, but it’ll only be even more amazing then.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Extended Edition)

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Extended Edition) (Blu-ray)
US$49.99 at Amazon

There’s quite a whole lot of editions of the movie, but I think this is basically the Blu-ray version of the Extended Edition DVD released in 2004. There’s also a Collector’s Edition with a figurine set for about 4 times the price (3rd party retailers). I’m not really a movie-goer, but The Lord of the Rings is one of my favourite movies, and the Extended Edition adds quite a lot of footage (30/43/50 minutes) to the already-length movies. In gaming-terms, this would be one of the reasons to make me buy a hardware (Blu-ray player/PS3).

Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Blu-ray)
US$89.99 at Amazon

I didn’t want to put another movie, but Star Wars is also one of my favourite series, so… This is probably the most complete collection of the movies, with a bunch of extra scenes and documentary-styled videos. For some reason there’s a lot of 1-star reviews though, about 2x more than there are 5-star reviews. Guess you can’t please everyone anyway.

Japan First Tour Girls' Generation (Limited Edition)

Japan First Tour Girls’ Generation (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray)
US$102.99 at Play-Asia

Yes, I listen to K-Pop, and Girls’ Generation at that, although not as much as I used to. This is the Blu-ray release of their first Japan tour, and the Limited Edition comes with a photobook and ten pins (I think badges would sound more suitable though). I never really bother with concert DVDs/BRs but for some reason I thought this would be a pretty good purchase (kinda like “this is it!”), and actually I did order it, but it’s out of stock in various places so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get my copy. I prefer the pink box of the regular edition though.

Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer

Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer
US$799.99 from Sony

Now everyone can be anti-social. Well, head-mounted viewers are nothing new, but this seems to be a step-up from the others with dual HD (720p) OLED displays and virtual 5.1 surround sound headphones. The unit weighs 14.8oz (420g) so it shouldn’t be all that heavy. I’m not too sure about playing games on this, but watching movies with this should be pretty awesome. This is wired though, so you’ll have to be in range of your TV/Blu-ray player/console etc. which means you can’t lie on your bed and play games or watch movies, unless you have your system in your bedroom. Or if you have a bed in the living room. Something like that.

And with that, Merry Christmas! (Although it’ll be over in 2+ hours where I’m at…)

Image credits: As linked (Amazon, Play-Asia, Sony, Razer)

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