Weekly Roundup December 19 – December 25

Yet another delayed post, although I think this was because I was waiting for the end of the week for new articles.

Modern Warfare 3’s First DLC Dated For January (360, PC, PS3)

For once, it seems that it would be just a map pack. There will also be new Spec Ops missions and stuff “players have never seen before”, whatever that may be. Elite subscribers on Xbox Live will get first dibs on 24 January. No date on other platforms/non-Elite subscribers, but presumably it should be about 1 month later for the PC and PS3 if Black Ops DLC are any indication.

Some Star Wars: The Old Republic copies missing activation keys (PC)

Talk about a screwup. According to the article, most of those affected bought the Collector’s Edition as well, which is screwup squared. And that’s also why you should keep your receipts, although you could probably check with your retailer if you threw it away or something. And there’s also the problem of long server queues at launch, where you have to wait your turn or join a less-crowded server. Although, their freeze mob was pretty epic. A lightsaber battle would’ve been nice but there would be problems with the choreography (it is a mob after all) and potential public safety issues arising from mass lightsaber duels.

Microsoft bowing out of CES in 2013

Next year will be Microsoft’s last year at CES, which is pretty surprising. Apparently it’s because their “product news milestones generally don’t align with the show’s January timing”, but they’ll still participate in CES, somehow, without a booth.

Devil May Cry HD compilation hits April 3 (360, PS3)

Hadn’t heard of this before, actually, but HD compilations seem to be pretty common nowadays (Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Silent Hill etc.). I’m more excited about Devil May Cry though. Now when will Square Enix be announcing Final Fantasy I-IX? Or even a Final Fantasy VII remake for that matter…

PS Vita hits shelves with 20 titles

“Will hit shelves” would be a better wording since the system has yet to officially release outside Japan/Asia, but there will be 20 games at launch and another 5 PSN titles. Some of which will be released in conjunction with the First Edition bundle, which will be available a week before the street release date of 22 February. For me the biggest appeal of the Vita is its hardware specs which put it in line with current-gen consoles, which in turn means that there’ll be games like Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus for the platform (although it won’t be available at launch). Although, like I said before, that’s also partly because I don’t have a PS3, so I haven’t played games like Uncharted and Resistance (which I thought would be on the Vita, but I guess not [yet]). You can also check out the Unboxing and Menu Navigating videos. In related news, the Japanese launch saw 321,000 Vitas sold in two days, 50,000 less units than the 3DS.

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