Year in Review – 2011 (A Really Late Post)

*Checks post date* Last edited on 24 December 2011. *Checks current date* 3 February 2012. Ah, procrastination. If I had made a resolution to stop procrastinating, post more often on my blog or something along that line, I would’ve failed. Anyway, since I already have some stuff up I’ll just add a few paragraphs and post it as-is. I was actually waiting for X360A to post their annual achievement awards but they didn’t, and now I realize they only put it up in February, so… Maybe a week or two later?

2011 was a year which saw many AAA releases, and a bunch of sequels of sequels (i.e. the third game in the series) such as Modern Warfare 3, Gears of War 3, Saints Row: The Third, Marvel vs Capcom 3. There are a bunch of 4s too, but you get the point.

Raptr’s Most Played Games of 2011

Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim topped the charts for Shooters and RPGs respectively, although the statistics for total playtime were based on the game’s opening month. Other categories include:

  • Batman: Arkham City for Open-World games. I thought L.A. Noire would’ve fared better.
  • FIFA 12 for Sports. Not much to say here since I don’t play sports titles, although I guess people don’t get sick of annual revisions.
  • The Sims Social for, well, Social games. It actually beat out Zynga’s CastleVille and Mafia Wars 2 so it seems like EA is taking roots in yet another area. In any case I kinda grew bored of social/Facebook games (yes, I used to play them), so…
  • L.A. Noire for new IPs. Didn’t beat Batman in Open-World but total playtime for Noire was much higher than the other games. Catherine had the longest average session length though, which might have something to do with the difficulty… I guess those who played it were more of the I-must-beat-this-type than the controller-throwing-type.
  • Overall winner goes to Skyrim for the longest average playtime and session length, although Modern Warfare 3 comes close with a slightly higher total playtime.
  • DC Universe Online saw the biggest growth in going free-to-play. I tried this and it was rather fun, but for some reason my character got stuck at level 4 so I stopped playing, but I’ll probably play it again… Eventually.

You can also get the full report in PDF form here.

GameSpot’s 2011: The Year in Review

Covers the biggest news in gaming throughout the year: hardware announcements and sales performance; the PSN (and subsequently other gaming-related) hacking incidents; Activision vs. EA; digitalization and free-to-play; and the ruling against the ban of sale of violent games to children by the Supreme Court.

And of course, no year is over without a ‘best of’ list:

I started this blog in 2011 as well, and I guess it was off to a somewhat great start then, with posts every week, sometimes every day, and then it slowed down when I started on my holiday job… And has been slow ever since. In December there was a spike in traffic thanks to the achievement guide I posted for the Steam Winter Sale/Great Gift Pile (btw, it seems like the winners were never officially announced but the prizes were indeed given out and it seems like this guy won the grand prize of every Steam game and is >2000 games richer) but things are calm once again.

Really late, but here’s wishing a happy new year with more fun and games in 2012!

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