RPG (Real-life-role Playing Game) – Powered by Google Maps

Ever wanted to live out an RPG in the real world? Now you can, with Google Maps 8-bit. Developed for the NES, but you can also use it on your browser. It’s still a trial version though, so you can’t add your own landmarks and stuff like in Dragon Shout.

Unfortunately levelling up will be hard though, so far I’ve only found one monster in the eastern lands. I suppose this will be more about exploring than grinding.

Maybe it's a boss.

In related news, you can also use Gmail Tap for quick communication with fellow adventurers while on your journey. If you type in Japanese, you can try this instead (video has English subtitles):

I kinda prefer the ‘Drum Set Version’ keyboard. For more information, check the appropriately named -.-.html site (Japanese text though).

Last (?) but not least, there’s also Chrome Multitask.

Who’s David?

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