About this site

This site will be mostly about video game reviews, although occasionally I may include select news or features such as unboxing of collector’s edition games (although not very likely since you can find pictures online easily, not to mention the details are usually released by the publishers themselves anyway) etc. Originally I wanted to create a blog for iOS app (mostly games but there may be some on apps too) reviews, so the content may be focused as such. From time to time I’ll include reviews for other platforms too, mainly Xbox 360 (mostly) and PC (not so much, especially as the system requirement gets higher and higher).

About reviews

As you might have noticed, I tend to be rather wordy (especially when I add more words by using brackets like this), that’s just the way I write. I’ll try to keep things as less long-winded as possible, but no promises. I usually write in long sentences, but I remember my English teacher telling me that it’s a bad thing. Since I’m writing for others to read, that’s another point I’ll try to correct as well.

Regarding reviews, I don’t really critique games so much as provide information on them. Reason being that I haven’t played an awful lot of games, especially from the older generation, so I can’t really compare XYZ game to a a similar one that might be regarded as the “best” by some/many. What I intend to do, instead, is to cover the game’s gameplay and other aspects, and mention it’s merits/demerits. Hopefully the reader, you, will be able to decide for yourself if the game is to your preference. Although, sometimes I might compare one game to another as well, but not too often. Basically it’ll be an in-depth review covering the game’s gameplay and mechanics and other areas (graphics, audio etc.).

One more thing is that I won’t include a score as well since they tend to be rather subjective for me. Normally I rate games based on my enjoyment, so if I really enjoy playing a game and will continue to do so subsequently, I’ll give it a 9-10. Also, when it comes to iPhone games, if I were to rate them, it would be on a different scale then “standard” console games. If a game is really interesting I might give it a 9 but I might give a “similar” console game an 8 because I expect more from a fully featured game, so to speak. This doesn’t mean the 9-rated iPhone game is necessarily better than the 8-rated console game, obviously you can’t really compare them like that. As such, I’m eschewing a rating system. Although I did plan on having something like an Awesome rating, ranging from Awesome to Awesomer and Awesomest. The ones before that would be Great and Decent. And they’ll come along with some fancy image tags, we’ll see how it goes. Note the lack of Awful or Bad or what not, due to the fact that I generally don’t buy/play games which I won’t enjoy. The exceptions are cheap games with easy achievement points (yes, I am a Xbox 360 achievement whore), but I probably won’t be reviewing them anyway, considering the huge backlog I have. I also thought of including a section in reviews about the achievements, but then if you’re an achievement whore like me you probably did your research already… right?

Oh yes, one last thing. I’ll probably edit reviews every now and then. It could be because of new patches which include new content, to correct something, or well, just because.

About me

For platforms, I currently own a DS Lite, iPhone 3GS, PC, PlayStation Portable and a Xbox 360. My favorite genres are first- (or third-) person shooters, role-playing games (although I haven’t played a lot of these recently) and action-adventure games. I also enjoy the occasional good strategy (either turn-based or real-time, but I mostly suck at the latter) or simulation game. I don’t really play puzzle games much, unless it’s a Portal game from Valve.

If you need to email me, you can do so by filling up the contact form below. You can also follow/DM/tweet me @videogameholic (don’t really check that very often).

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