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Hello My Windows Phone 7 – The Awesome

Well, I actually wanted to post this some time ago, but as usual… So, I’ve been using Windows Phone 7 (or 7.5 to be exact) on my Nokia Lumia 800 for more than two months now, and I’m still in … Continue reading

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I used to be an iPhone user like you, then I took a Lumia in my…

… Hands. And actually I’m still using my iPhone 3GS. Just that it’s temporarily shelved aside while I explore my lovely new phone. First things first, about my 3GS and its not-quite-demise. What Ails You It (as with other 3GSes, … Continue reading

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25 Things I Want for Christmas in 2011 – Part 1

Seeing all the Christmas wishlists floating around, I thought it would be fun to do up one of mine too. It won’t be just game after game though. I’ll list 5 from various categories: Games (still gotta have ’em), Hardware, … Continue reading

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The Business of Polishing Games

pol·ish Definition: to render finished, refined, or elegant In Game Dev Story (a game developing/publishing simulation game for the iOS), I could create a game full of bugs, release the game without fixing said bugs, and still manage to sell … Continue reading

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