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RPG (Real-life-role Playing Game) – Powered by Google Maps

Ever wanted to live out an RPG in the real world? Now you can, with Google Maps 8-bit. Developed for the NES, but you can also use it on your browser. It’s still a trial version though, so you can’t … Continue reading

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I used to be an iPhone user like you, then I took a Lumia in my…

… Hands. And actually I’m still using my iPhone 3GS. Just that it’s temporarily shelved aside while I explore my lovely new phone. First things first, about my 3GS and its not-quite-demise. What Ails You It (as with other 3GSes, … Continue reading

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Presenting: The Anti-Social Gamer

I thought of creating a separate blog for this column of sorts, but I figured since videogameholic is about, well, video games too, I might as well just post it here (but with a different account). That and also because … Continue reading

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iOS 5/iPhone 4S Battery Problems – And Solutions

Edit// Well, looks like I posted this a few hours too late. Apple has released iOS 5.0.1 which fixes the battery issues, amongst other things. 2011.11.21 update: It’s been about 10 days since iOS 5.0.1 was released. I haven’t gotten … Continue reading

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TGIF! Although Saturdays I have another event going on so for me it’ll be TGIS. Anyway, I started on a holiday job so I doubt I’ll have time to post (m)any articles. Ironically I’ll have more free time when school … Continue reading

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The Business of Polishing Games

pol·ish Definition: to render finished, refined, or elegant In Game Dev Story (a game developing/publishing simulation game for the iOS), I could create a game full of bugs, release the game without fixing said bugs, and still manage to sell … Continue reading

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Featured Articles

Featured Articles:

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What in the world?

So about an hour ago I plugged in my iPhone to my computer to charge and update it to iOS 4.3.3, which is supposed to resolve the big issue about location tracking. After downloading the update and attempting to install … Continue reading

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